The first question I usually ask people when discussing marketing and sales is “do you have a marketing plan?” 9 out of 10 times the answer is no. This has come to not surprise me much anymore, but it always makes me wonder just how can you know if marketing works if you have no plan? The truth is you can’t, and it is 100% the reason people say, “marketing doesn’t work!” They don’t have a plan or a way to measure just what marketing has done for them.

The other reason marketing doesn’t work is it requires not only a plan but it also requires consistency. You can’t just run one ad or try one postcard and say marketing didn’t work. Having a plan means you have a defined market that you are going to target for a defined time, with a measurable way to see what happened with that marketing. This means you take the guesswork out of the entire equation and can see exactly what happened with your marketing.

This is where my marketing development calls are a perfect fit for so many business owners. With a marketing development call we will work with you to create a marketing plan, define a target market, and put in place measurable indicators so you never have to wonder what is happening with your marketing spend.

If you are looking for an affordable way to get your marketing on track, a marketing development call is perfect for you. Contact us today to schedule your call.